Client Testimonials — See what our friends are saying about INSP Center bodywork!

I am so grateful I found Joyce! After four of her Thai Treatments I feel 20 years younger! She has transformed my life, and I am so amazed that I can’t wait to see what she does next.
— Jane K
I was in so much pain could not walk on my right foot, but now I can run and no long need to wear a boot! I’ve been pain free for over 2 months now!
— Suzi H.
I have had the luxury of having massages weekly for years. After receiving a massage from Joyce, I have to say, she gives the best, most effective massage experience I’ve ever had.
— Jessica
I used to wake up every day with bad knee pain, making it hard for me to walk; now I can jump some days, and walk with my wife and dog with no pain at all. Joyce’s Thai treatments increased function of both my knees and legs. Wonderful! I am now a client for life!
— Norman F
I have had many Thai massages before, and this was by far the best one. Joyce is very knowledgeable and very skilled at what she does. You have to try this!
— Steve
After searching for over a year for a massage therapist who knows what they are doing, I worked with Joyce and can happily say I am no longer searching.
— Betty
I have had knee surgery and also suffer from hip pain, yet after just four hours of massage work with Joyce, I feel like I have new hips!
— Wendy
I had upper neck pain — working my desk all day long — but now I have gone three months without pain. It’s amazing!
— Alex
I feel years younger, and my joints move so much better, thanks to Joyce.
— Mark
That was unlike any massage I have ever had before — hard to put it in words, never felt so relaxed!
— Katie